Boris Varga

politologist and journalist

Boris Varga, politologist and journalist. He earned his master’s degree from Lviv National University in Ukraine, at the Faculty of Journalism, at the Department of International Media and Information (2000) and his PhD at the University of Belgrade, at the Faculty of Political Sciences (2012) in Serbia. He is an author and a long-term associate of several international and regional media (BBC in Ukrainian, Al Jazeera Balkans, Vreme, Autonomija) and non-governmental organizations (Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, Forum for International Relations, Independent Association of Journalists of Vojvodina). In journalism and research, he mainly deals with international topics, the region of the republics of the former Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union. Specialization – transition, democracy and authoritarianism. So far, he has published eight scientific and journalistic books and publications on the topic of geopolitics and contemporary political systems. More detailed biography with books and publications on the website:


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