Luka Steiner

CEO, Športna loterija

Luka Steiner took over the management of Sports Lottery in 2021 to ensure stability in a changing and risky business environment. The past years have shown new and unpredictable risks in the industry, together with changes in the entire macroeconomic environment, such as higher living costs, imminent war, management of many, even newly recognized risks, which had to be limited by decisive measures and the establishment of crisis management. Even before assuming the position of president of the board, as a member of the board, he was responsible for, among other things, successful marketing and corporate communication, to which the company’s sponsorship partnerships are also directly linked. The company’s new strategic orientation places greater emphasis on the core business and its positive impact on stakeholders, while particularly actively addressing the aspect of the sustainability of the Sports Lottery’s business and emphasizing the principle of responsible and transparent business. The main idea now is how to run such a company in any business-economic situation. Luka Steiner has an academic education in the field of law, which he successfully combines with numerous roles in Slovenian and international sports organizations and projects.

Povezani dogodki

Panel discussion with Slovenian managers

Wed 15. 11. 2023, 12:10