Peter Frankl

CEO, Časnik Finance

Peter Frankl

Peter Frankl, 1965, is the CEO and Publisher of Finance, the Slovenian B2B media company, owned by Bonnier, the Swedish-international media conglomerate.  Finance publishes  the business daily Finance,  two business magazines (for decision makers in business and in personal finance), two independent magazines covering the healthcare sector – addressing doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and the general public, interested in medicine, and some other magazines.  Finance’s portfolio consists also of business conferences and seminars.  Finance operates on several digital platforms, including the highly influential business news site and a number of niche websites. Peter Frankl was the Editor-in Chief of Finance from 1995 till 2004 and has been part of the company since its very beginnings in 1992. In 2005 he became CEO and Publisher of the whole media group. Furthermore, he is also an attending member of the supervisory board of the  Bonnier Business Press Polska and a member of programme committees at numerous conferences both at home and abroad.  During his career he was also a board member of, the Croatian Bonnier operation and a member of Pari, the Bulgarian Bonnier operation.  He is an insightful authority on economic and political situations and an exceptional polyglot who has acted as chairperson to over 3000 round tables and other events. Peter Frankl is one of the most well-recognised aficionados in the media world, both Slovenian and foreign.  He has worked both at the Gospodarski vestnik magazine and Delo newspaper. He collaborated on the Delo newspaper’s Saturday Supplement and the Dnevnik newspaper, as well as American business monthly – the Institutional Investor. Peter Frankl studied at the Ljubljana Faculty of Journalism, underwent several professional courses, among which the professional publishing course at  Stanford University in the USA, and Bonnier Business Academy.

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